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About GVK Edutech - Best MBBS Abroad Consultants

Doctor Study in Abroad

We are Professional Doctors with vast experience in Medical Field. In 2012, We, Doctors, were already employed in a lucrative professional Medical Field but quit our Careers with a strong passion to serve the young student community who are struggling for admission into the highly competitive Medical Colleges in India and hence aspiring to study overseas at a much lesser cost. Our strong/intense desire is to serve such young talented Indian Student Diaspora, their parents, and related smaller companies by providing our low cost, high quality, and honest/sincere services without showing any discrimination between them. We have provided our guidance and support to approximately more than 500 students by settling them comfortably in esteemed Medical Colleges all over the World like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Central America, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

This proves our strong commitment to cater to talented future Medical Doctors. One of our salient features is that we treat every student/client with equal dignity, decorum, and attention cause we know that we are building elite future Doctors that are imperative for our global society where the Doctors versus Student ratio is always less and this is the reason the Doctors are always in demand everywhere in the world. We, Directors, believe in a policy that says - "Customer satisfaction is the first priority and all others are secondary." Providing elite/erudite service equally to direct clients/customers/individuals and larger companies is our innate skill/talent/ambition. We, Director Doctors, have a cherished cultural family background that always maintained ethical/moral values that always catered great services to downtrodden and farmers communities.

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Doctor Study in Abroad
GVK Consultancy Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to excel as a leading Consultancy Company offering the best services for students who dream to become a Doctor by studying in Medical College abroad that leads them into a highly professional medical career thus gradually forming a large clientele across the globe for promoting high educational standards, quality and reliable growth.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a platform for building the gap between the students, parents, and the medical colleges abroad and aiming to further our goals of setting up our own global reputed medical colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes with a service-oriented approach to cater low cost treatment to the needy and the downtrodden in India and abroad as well.

To accomplish our Mission:

  • We plan to provide sincere, low-cost, admissions to our students into various medical colleges in European Countries like Kirgizstan, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, etc., and North American Caribbean Islands countries like Barbados, St. Louis, Antigua & Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Belize, etc.
  • We gradually obtain necessary licenses in Abroad Recognized bodies to start our own medical colleges abroad and provide doctors for our established hospitals and nursing homes back in India.

Founder's Message

Any Education combined with moral/ethical values that shape the right positive attitude is the need of the hour everywhere. I strongly believe that based on the above principle our educational system needs immediate modifications to generate the above-desired results/changes/outcomes. The present system of education needs major revamping so that Quality of Education rather than Quantity is emphasized. The need of the hour is that Education should develop students with positive attitudes to be ever ready to face difficult challenges. I have a strong faith/belief in my own younger sibling/brother who can unfold student's full/complete educational potential by imparting and striving for a value-based Medical Education. The human body is the most profound and complicated creation of God and for ages, Man is trying to discover insight into the nature of human organs and their proper functionality. Man is striving very hard to understand the Human Body so that we all can live a healthy, happy, and disease-free long life.

Researches done by ancient Indian Doctor of Surgery - Susrutha, etc., gave a deep insight into the anatomy of the human body. With the discovery of more bacteria and viruses, medical education has become more intriguing and important. Being a Doctor myself, regularly updating my knowledge, and serving many in the field of Medicine, drives me to fulfill my innate strong passion to develop, provide the latest opportunities. I striving to be a service provider to low cost global medical education to those deserving passionate not so affluent students and assist their parents who are struggling to make their children a Doctor at their affordable tension-free periodic payments by consolidated packages. I am proud of my brother, who is as well a Doctor himself who has the same vision and mission to dedicate his full time in floating and serving the students who intend to go abroad and become a Doctor by GVK EDUTECH SERVICES, a center of excellence as a consultancy for Global Medical Education. I am focussed, determined, and steadfast as a Founder of this highly visionary Enterprise which over these few years became a platform where students, professionals, and parents work in harmony to shape the future of Doctors who in turn serve the world and our country

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Director's Message

I, being a Doctor myself, got very much influenced by my brother's vision and personally felt the need to build a platform to assist the aspiring passionate struggling students to pursue their dream of studying abroad to become a qualified doctor. As a foreign medical graduate myself, I felt the need to educate and counsel the students pursuing medical education abroad and share my experiences as to how a student normally will face challenges abroad in respect to the new medical curriculum, varied way of living, financial insecurities and offer my valuable expert guidance to parents as to how they have to prepare to educate their children abroad. I believe that my objective of making GVK EDUTECH a successful enterprise is achieved by providing students and their parents with the round clock 24X7 professional friendly customer services at our current four branches

We and our expert staff at all our branches are focused on proper training to provide a friendly professional easy service to students as well as parents so that they get all the clarifications and advice regarding overseas medical education. The biggest challenge a student faces soon after going abroad is to adjust to a completely new environment of living and hostel facilities. Through our GVK EDUTECH services, we make this very easy for the students by providing homely, decent, luxurious, state of the art campus hostels separate for boys and girls with well managed hygienic Indian cuisine mess facilities. I believe that involvement as a family of our staff, parents, and students in discussions, awareness, and mutual suggestions for the betterment of student's academics and growth is the key to a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our main mission is to help and guide the students to adjust faster in multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic campuses abroad and at the same time expose themselves to a wide range of medical professionals and new opportunities for them to grow higher and higher in medical echelons of society in the future.

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