Know more about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the ninth biggest nation on the planet. It is the most prevailing country of Central Asia financially, creating 60% of the district's GDP, fundamentally through its oil/gas industry. Kazakhstan is officially a secular, democratic, unitary, and constitutional republic with a growing number of tourists. Kazakhstan also has vast mineral resources.

Climatic info

The climate of Kazakhstan (excluding south) is sharply continental and the temperature in January varies from -4 °c to -19 °c, while in July it varies from +19…+26°c. The temperature in winters goes down to -45°c, and in summers rises to +30. The climatic conditions of all the four seasons can be experienced in Kazakhstan. Chilling winters starts from November and lasts till the end of April. Arctic air masses lead to chilling winters (up to -50 с°). Springs are short and changeable – from mid of April to the end of May. Besides spring weather is very unstable: a clear warm day may suddenly turn into a cold. Summer season is from the end of May to mid-September, with temperatures sometimes going up to +35…+40 с°. Autumn begins at the end of September and lasts till the beginning of November.

Advantages of MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. Direct Admissions From University
  2. MCI Approved Medical Universities
  3. Teaching in English
  4. No Donation/Capitation Fee
  5. 100 % Visa Guarantee
  6. Easy Application Process
  7. Flight Duration is 3 hours
  8. MCI Coaching from First Year Onwards

Career opportunities

After the course completion, students will have various beneficial prospects.

After completion of MBBS in Kazakhstan, students can pursue MD/MS in Germany or the USA without clearing the MCI test.

Students have to qualify for MCI and FMGE screening tests to practice medicine in India.

After completion of MBBS in Kazakhstan, students can also practice medicine in Kazakhstan or can pursue post-graduation.

Students can also go for pursuing Masters in Hospital Management which is also a good career option.