Know more about Central America

Central America is the finest destination place for Indian students to study MBBS. This is one of the biggest dreams for many of the students to become a certified professional at the top University of Central America. So, make your MBBS dreams come true with our educational consultancy. We are providing the best chance to study in Central America at the top university, colleges with the lowest fee, and scholarship facilities in simple ways. Central America connects with the South American continent on the southeast. Borders of Central America is Mexico to the north, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Focal America has seven nations: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and the number of inhabitants in Central America is somewhere in the range of 41,739,000 and 42,688,190.

climatic info

To the east coast of Central, America Belize is located. The country measures 8,867 square miles. The highest points in Belize’s are Doyle’s Delight, reach heights, Victoria Peak. The second-longest Belize Barrier Reef offshore, in the world is 185 miles long. The small nation in Central America is Belize. Central America has an overall humid, tropical climate and it borders the Caribbean Sea to the east. To the north of the equator at 17°15' and to the west of Prime Meridian on the Yucatán Peninsula at 88°45', Central America is located. Land borders of a total 542 km—Mexico to the north-northwest and Guatemala to the south-southwest. Belize's absolute size is 22,966 km², of which 22,806 km² island and 160 km² is water.

Advantages of MBBS in Central America

  1. We are giving the general 5 years of scholastic instruction and 1 year of an obligatory temporary job to succeed in their MBBS degree.
  2. We are furnishing the rumored schools with elevated expectations of training with low educational expenses with the best convenience in Central America.
  3. GVK Edutech has an immense involvement with getting immediate affirmations in top colleges, with simple grant offices in Central America educated in the English Language.
  4. Now it is anything but difficult to contemplate your MBBS in the English language, with no compelling reason to stress over any language. So this is the best favorable position of our Indian understudies.
  5. The structure of MBBS in Central America depends on the refreshed patterns and educational programs in the world. Students will get the most recent innovation and they will procure more knowledge.
  6. Now it is anything but difficult to get Indian food things with the best costs in Central America. Because they are a great deal of Indian lodging and cafés accessible.
  7. Career opportunities

    Students can have an opportunity to participate in clinical rotations through the USA or Canada. Some schools offer throughout the globe.

    Students can have an advantage of residency applications when they become physicians.

    Students will have an advantage of the same clinical exposure and opportunities as the hospitals' home medical students. Many students cite this as an advantage in applying to USA and Canada residencies.

    It is also important to know that 25% of US physicians are from international medical schools only.